DisneyLand- Hollywood

-In disney land they have something called the world of color it’s coming out in june 2010
It opened in 2001
-in 55 years the park as entertain more than 515 million guests
-Disney land has over 969 rooms in 3 high rise towers
-they are 350 miles of fiber optic cable used in fantasyland alone

Hollywood bowl-Hollywood

-It’s seating capacity is 17’376
-It’s used for music performances
-The bowl is shaped as a shell
-The bowl is opened on july 11th 1922

London Eye- London

-The London eye is a shape of a ferris wheel and is a viewing site of London.
-The London Eye is 135 meters tall.
-It takes 30 minutes to go around the London eye once.
-The London eye is turning 10 this year.
-It took six years to build the London eye.

Universal Studios- Los Angles

-You get to watch the people filming a movie.
-In the studio there are over 40 movies that has been filmed there.
-Universal Studios Hollywood is the worlds largest movie studio and theme park.
-Universal studios is one of the oldest theme park or movie studio in the US.
-The theme park has more than 24 restaurants and 19 movie screens.

Trafalgar Square- London

-Trafalgar square is the largest Square in London - Trafalgar square also contains the largest number of statues
-Trafalgar square was created in 1830 -It is one of the most famous squares in the united kingdom and the world .
- Trafalgar square is a good sight seeing place
-From the thirteen century on the arena was the site of kings royal hawks and later royal mews.
-At the top of the fifty six meter high column is a statue of Nelson with one arm and one eye which was lost in a battle.
-At the centre of the square


-Kyoto is a beautiful temple in Japan
-Kyoto is an ancient city with a 1200 year history
-Kyoto was built in 794
-Kyoto is one of Japan's largest
-Kyoto was the capital of Japan from 794 to 1868
-Kyoto has many Geisha's