Moshi Marshmellows

We squeeze together all the time!

Shania and Sam , Wiki Managers: Writing what is happening**

Devon and Jarred , Resource Managers: Getting the equipment ready and putting it back!

Tenera , Photographer: Picture taker.#

Sasha , Treasurer: Money holder.$

What we have been doing: working on our logo and moto, We have been trying to

not lose money. Since then our treasurer has done a good job of holding the money.

Jarred and Devon have had quite a time thinking of what they would good at but still

they have great teamwork even without us.



HQ: Burj Daubi
Live: Atlantis the palm hotel

Myrtles Plantation:
The Myrtles plantation was built in 1794 by David Bradford, he's been living alone for a several years . Then David Bradford died, Clark woodruff was a law student of Bradford, and married Bradford's daughter which had three children, just when Bradford died,the woodruffs began to manage the plantation, They seemed to have owned a slave called chloe, she did all the work around the house and thought that clark would get rid of her. But one day chloe was caught listening to Clark woodruff business dealings through a keyhole, for punishment they cut off her ear. She didn't like the punishment, then one day Chloe baked a birthday cake for the children This cake was her own special recipe, of poisonous oleander leaves, the girls ate it and felt sick, Chloe was then hanged still there was no proof that she really killed them.

Big Banana:
In 1964 John Landy wanted something to stop passing traffic and make people pull over to buy some bananas from the small banana shack on the side of the road. He already heard of the big pineapple in Hawaii. So he decided to buil a big banana so they (people driving) would buy some bananas. It was finished in 1964 before christmas. The worlds biggest banana officially opened on 22nd of december that year.

Tower of london:

Location: Europe , England , London

The tower of london was built in the starting of the 11th century by the william, the conqueror. The tower was built to enforce the power of the king.
It was a place where people die in the olden days, the tower of London has a amount of towers like the white tower, brick towers and the Flint towers. Its
the oldest building still used by the british goverment.

Leaning tower of piza:!Leaning-tower-of-pisa.jpg

The leaning tower Pisa is 58.36 meters long. The tower is an 8 story building and there is seven bells. All turned into musical sales. The tower weighs about 1453 tons. The constuction on the tower was the 9th of august 1173.

Big ben:

The big ben is the biggest four face, clock in the world. It was designed by Charles Barry. The real name for it was Clock tower, Big Ben was
just the nickname. The Tower leans slightly towards north west, by 8.66 inches. The bell of Big Ben ( Clock tower ) didn't stop working even during
World war 2.

Temple of Heaven:

Location: Bejing

The Temple of Heaven is in china, It was completed in 1420 , As chinese emperors call them-self " The son of heaven ", they dared not
to build their own dwelling ( a house or an apartment ), and is has a long wall.