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Leaning tower of pisa


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The Leaning Tower of Pisa wasn't supposed to lean at all. It was supposed to just be the bell tower for the Cathedral of Pisa.

It was to hold the bells that rang to tell people when to come to church. But when they built it, in the Early Middle Ages, about 1173 AD, nobody in Europe had been building anything much for several hundred years, and the architects were not really experienced.

Now, after 11 years of restoration work, the Leaning Tower will be opened again to the public in November 2001.

**The tower is actually the belfry (tower from which a bell is hung) of the Pisa Cathedral, which stands alongside. The construction of the cathedral began way back in 1064 and completed by the 12th century, while work on the tower began later in 1173 and was finally completed as late as the 14th century!**

__London eye__

__The London Eye (previously known as the Millennium Wheel) was one of the structures built in Britain to celebrate the new Millennium. The other structure was the Millennium Dome.____On a clear sunny day, a person inside the London Eye can see up to a distance of 40 km, as far as the Windsor Castle.__
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____The London Eye is 135 meters high which makes it the world's tallest observation wheel. It has 32 capsules and carries around 10,000 visitors every day. The London Eye has become the most popular paid for UK visitor attraction, visited by over 3.5 million people a year. While traveling in complete safety you can see up to 40 kilometers away in all directions from each capsule____


We are writing a comic on a "Legendary Football". A stranger who owns the "White House" is challenging a football player for the "Legendary Football". Suddenly, an evilised cat stole the "Legendary Football", but they don't know about it yet...